Waterproofing Solutions

Building structures can be subjected to an array of factors that may threaten their durability, such as intense rainfall, extreme climate conditions, salinity, and more, which make waterproofing a critical element to every structure. High-performance waterproofing can prevent moisture ingress in building structures by creating an impervious barrier over its surfaces, thereby minimizing potential structural damage and increasing inhabitant comfort levels. It is important to note that buildings do not need to be subject to rain to suffer water damage; this makes waterproofing a critical component in construction buildings even in warm and dry climates.


With extensive and in-depth knowledge in waterproofing systems for more than 25 years, our waterproofing solutions ensure the best protection for your projects at every stage, from foundations to roofs. Depending on your area of application, our waterproofing technologies are developed to meet every project requirement, offering sheet membranes, such as torch-on or self-adhesive bitumen membranes, as well as a wide range of coating systems that provide outstanding protection for the entire structure.