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Wet Areas and Flooring Systems

Installing tiles

Wet Areas and Flooring Systems - Discover, feel and touch our systems through our mockup simulation boxes 

There is no doubt that in the GCC region, one can find the most challenging construction projects, due to the unique project designs. Henkel Construction Adhesives has contributed fundamentally in major projects in the GCC in the last 25 years, creating a track record of reliability, with the strong locally established brand POLYBIT, offering a wide product range of construction chemicals.

During our discussions with architects and interior designers, we acknowledge their anxiety either their aesthetic – reflected through the project - to last for as many years as possible, or the materials being used to be untouched during the coming years. This was the reason that we tried to simplify our approach, reflecting our extensive technical expertise on a simple system selector for wet areas and flooring systems per application, that with a quick navigation, the architects and interior designers may finalize what is the suitable system for the application that they are currently working on, just in few minutes, ensuring that their creation will be untouchable for many years to come. Moreover, we acknowledged the need to offer small mock up simulation samples of these systems – and not just 3D CAD designs – so as the architects and interior designers to include more senses in their design process, touching and feeling each detail of the system that they have chosen; feeling the aggregate textured sense of the car park flooring or the carpet feeling of a luxurious hotel flooring.


Wet Areas Systems: The system selector table is based on 3 parameters such as project application area (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, shower, spa etc.), type of substrate (concrete or gypsum board) and chemical resistance level.

Wet areas, system selector, warranty

Flooring Systems: The system selector table is based on 3 parameters such as application area (indoor flooring, car park or industrial), UV exposed or non-exposed area and traffic frequency (high, moderate or light).


If you would like more info on each individual system, you may visit our specification systems link for further navigation.

  • Wet Areas Systems

    Our composite waterproofing and tile finish systems for the protection of wet areas. 

  • Flooring Systems

    The most trusted flooring systems for indoor and outdoor applications. 

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