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POLYBIT Polyrelease WB

Water Based Mould Release Agent

  • Non staining.
  • Non hazardous, nontoxic.
  • Ensuring fair faced concrete.

Features and benefits

A water based release agent, with excellent release properties and superior to those of conventional mould oils. application to the moulds provides a water repellent interface and ensures an even color, texture and uniform smooth finish to the concrete.



POLYBIT® POLYRELEASE WB Can be applied on moulds such as timber, plywood, steel, GRP, etc. Ensures high quality fair faced stain free concrete and easy stripping of moulds. Available pack size: 200L.

Documents and downloads

How to use

Surface Preparation

Surface of forms/shutter shall be clean and rust free. All traces of adherent materials in the form work must be
removed prior to use.


Polyrelease WB may be applied by fine brush or conventional mould oil sprayer ensuring
a light continuous film. Excessive application should be avoided. In case of new timber/plywood, an initial spray
coat may be required to seal the pores on the surface. 


Polyrelease WB on application to the surface shall be kept
undisturbed till it dries fully. In hot climates it dries within 15 – 30 minutes but at low temperatures and high humidity 1
to 2 hours might be required. 

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