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Polycryl FR


There is no doubt that the fire erupted at Address Hotel curtain wall, in front of Burj Khalifa during new year eve in 31st of December 2015, was the reference point for Dubai Civil Defense and Ministry of Interior to reevaluate all the regulations with regards to construction materials used in the façade of the buildings. Up to that point, the majority of the existing coatings and moisture protection products in the market did not comply with the Class A compliance regarding Flame Spread and Smoke propagation. 

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Polycryl FR, the ultimate fire rated coating solution offered, is a new product development by Henkel Polybit to respond and exceed the regulation requirement on flame spread and smoke development. It is an acrylic coating for façade concrete moisture protection, either for indoor or outdoor application, being tested by independent well recognized laboratory such as Thomas Bell Wright Laboratories, verifying the superiority of the performance of Polycryl FR with FSI: 0 (Flame Spread Index) and SDI: 10 (Smoke Development Index), complied with Civil Defense requirements. Moreover, Polycryl FR supports on maximum any Green Building initiatives and standards compliance, as it has almost zero VOCs emissions during its application. Being produced in both of our factories, UAE and KSA, is having the minimum possible CO2 footprint for the respective transportation to projects in UAE and KSA, supporting on maximum the positive LEED accreditation on the projects being involved.

Main Benefits:

  • The best fire rated performance (FSI: 0 and SDI: 10)
  • Civil Defense Compliance
  • Increased application efficiency as it may be applied even with spray, apart of roll or brush
  • White color, becoming a quality assured system that the coating has been applied as per the standards
  • Excellent resistance to vapor and moisture for concrete protection
  • Excellent UV, weatherability & color retention properties
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Application Areas:

  • Facade cladding system
  • Damp proof membrane in sandwich constructions
  • Vapor proof barrier coating for interior & exterior floor & walls
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