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Bituplus Ultra


The Bituplus ULTRA range of waterproofing membranes has been developed with special selected components and advanced technologies, in order to offer premium quality and superior features and performance, even under extreme conditions. The right blend of the high quality bitumen and polymers, coupled with various reinforcements, provides excellent resistance to high hydrostatic pressure and better flexibility, strength and heat resistance.

In order to offer a superior sealing of the overlap joints, the polyester used as the carrier is positioned in a carefully chosen position, while the innovative enhanced thermofusible film applied on the membrane has clear demarcation lines for proper alignment of the membranes with the recommended overlap area.

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With the state-of-the art homogenizing facility, the bitumen compound is enriched on its cohesive links at microscopic level. This simply means a high level close-knit interlocking between cells and uniform distribution of polymers that result in excellent adhesion of the molten bitumen compound during application, even on vertical surfaces.

Careful attention was paid to the level of moisture, in order to offer a smooth finish. The pre-heated polyester rolls are dipped and squeezed in a coat of bitumen, to make them fully bitumen saturated. This saturation process enhances the bond of bitumen compound with the carrier and also refrains it from further absorption of water, during the cooling process.

Main Benefits:

  • Superior sealing of overlap joints
  • Resistance to high hydrostatic pressure
  • Better flexibility and strength
  • Excellent adhesion on vertical surfaces
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