Bitustick Cool 

The next generation of preformed bituminous coatings

The Next Generation of Preformed Bituminous Coatings

For the waterproofing protection of foundations with low water table, such as individual villas or residential villas compound, the suitable system should be chosen to ensure not only long project lifetime but moreover application efficiency and easiness during construction. Bitustick Cool, is representing the new generation of preformed self-adhesive bituminious coating membranes ensuring more efficient and controlled application, superior technical properties and high durability, offering an innovative, easy to apply waterproofing solution that construction experts may rely on. 

Unlike the traditional liquid applied coatings, just one layer of Bitustick Cool may bridge the cracks developed in the concrete and seal all the pin-holes due to its high elongation and flexibility features. This is the reason that Bitustick Cool is a complete protection from water, moisture and chloride ingression, while its quality assurance building system, will ensure an uniformed thickness applied all over the structure, resolving one major issue either for consultants or applicators. Last but not least, the white upper surface of Bitustick Cool may extend the next stage of the application by several weeks, ensuring construction continuity, regardless delays or interruptions.