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Epoxy resin based lining and benching mortar

  • Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids and
  • High impact and abrasion resistance
  • Can be used in both dry and damp conditions

Features and benefits

A three-component solvent free, thixotropic lining and benching mortar for protection of concrete.



POLYBIT® POLYPOXY MH is a chemical resistant internal lining & benching mortar for concrete structures such as manholes, treated sewerage tanks and drainage canals, etc. ;repair mortar for concrete joints, edges and soffits; repair and bonding mortar on stone, bricks, concrete pre-cast blocks, steel. Available pack size: 10L kit.

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How to use

Surface Preparation

The concrete surface should thoroughly be cleaned of all loosely adhering particles. Water jet blasting, sand or grit blasting is recommended for proper cleaning and removal of all deleterious materials. Traces of oil grease or curing compound is to be removed. Cracks and pot holes shall be repaired with a suitable repair mortar. Water leakages if any are to be plugged with a quick setting mortar. All surfaces shall be primed with Polyprime EP (epoxy primer). On highly absorbent surfaces a second coat of primer is to be given. The epoxy render shall be applied when the primer coat is still tacky. Depending on the ambient temperature if the primer dries off fast, another coat shall be given prior to the application of the epoxy mortar.


Pour the entire contents of part B (hardener) into part A (base) and mix thoroughly for a few minutes with a paddle mixer fitted to a slow speed drill to get a homogenous mix. Then add the part C (powder) slowly into the mixed resins container and further mixed continuously till a uniform consistency is achieved. As the products are supplied in pre-weighed packs, part mixing is not at all recommended, since the cured product will not achieve its full properties even if there is a small variation in the mixing proportions. Apply the mixed mortar immediately after mixing on the tacky primed surface firmly with a steel trowel or spatula. For vertical and overhead surfaces the mortar is to be applied at a maximum thickness of 10mm to avoid sagging. However, for additional build ups, the epoxy mortar can be applied at thicknesses up to 30mm in the second layer. The second layer of application is to be done only after the first coat has achieved its initial cure i.e., after 24 hours of application. 


Polypoxy MH resin components A & B should be stored in an air-conditioned location at below 25°C. Filler component can be stored under cover in shaded area. the shelf life is 12 months in unopened conditions if stored as per recommendations. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Solvent free epoxy based primer to be used

It can be applied up to 10mm on vertical surface

Yes. It is compatible