POLYBIT Polyguard PU

2 component UV stable, Polyurethane protective coating

  • highly durable
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Good chemical resistance

Features and benefits

A2 component UV stable polyurethane protective coating system. The coating provides a seamless chemical and abrasion resistant coating to cured epoxy systems, metal and concrete surfaces both internal and external.



POLYBIT® POLYGUARD PU is designed as a protective and wear resistant coating for new and existing trafficked areas such as: sewage works / effluent treatment plants chemical processing areas. concrete floors / Factory ware houses. bridge and Culvert Decks swimming pool decks. jetties, harbors. stadiums, Balconies & Plant rooms. factory ware houses
Available sizes: 15L

Documents and downloads

How to use

Surface Preparation

The concrete surface to be coated must be clean, dry
and free of laitance, oil, grease or any substance that
may impair adhesion. Methods of substrate preparation
includes, grit blasting, highpressure water jet cleaning,
surface grinding etc. Weak or damaged concrete must be
removed and repaired properly with Polypoxy nF.


Prime the surface with Polyprime EP. Mix both parts of Polyguard PU thoroughly for a few
minutes to remove any sediment. Then add the contents of
Part B to Part A and mix with a suitable paddle mixer fitted
to a slow speed electric drill. 


The material can be applied with a brush, roller. Apply
the mixed material @ 120–150 micron. If required a
second coat can be applied at right angles to the first coat at the same coverage rate. Leave it for 24 hours and then when the primer has
fully set, brush/vacuum away the excess aggregate from the
surface. Apply the top coat as specified. 

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Frequently asked questions

This is a polyurethane based topcoat

Yes. It is a UV resistant product suitable for exposed use.

Yes. It is compatible with epoxy coating