Chemical resistant epoxy resin based coating

  • High chemical resistance
  • easy to apply
  • solvent free

Features and benefits

Solvent free high build epoxy resin protective coating which provides a chemical resistant surface for concrete and steel.



POLYBIT® POLYPOXY CR is used in internal protection of concrete or metallic storage tank, certain chemicals, oil & fuel chemical resistant floor and wall coating for manholes, treated sewerage lines, manufacturing units, breweries, etc
Available sizes: 3.5L, 10L

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How to use

Surface Preparation

The surface shall be free from dust, dirt, curing compound and laitance. The cleaning shall be done by grit/captive blasting or mechanical grinding. The coating can be directly applied on new concrete
surface, provided the surface preparation is done
thoroughly to ensure good adhesion.


Mix part A (resin) and part B (hardener) separately for 1
minute using a slow speed drill fitted with a paddle. Polypoxy CR may be applied by brush, squeegee, roller or
industrial sprayer. The coating shall be applied @0.3 L/m2 /coat to achieve a dry film thickness of 300 microns. 


After application the
coating must be back rolled to reduce surface irregularities
and improve bonding. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Solvent free epoxy based primer to be used

1L per coat can cover approximately 4 sqm at 250 microns dry film thickness

No. UV resistant topcoat is recommended for exposed use