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Acrylic aliphatic protective and anti-carbonation coating

  • highly durable
  • High UV resistance
  • Resistance to long term weathering and water effect

Features and benefits

A silk/smooth finished, flexible, one component, acrylic aliphatic based protective and anticarbonation coating for reinforced concrete and masonry surfaces.



POLYBIT® POLYGUARD 102S used as a protective coating for exposed concrete structures such as bridge decks, tunnels, reservoirs, reinforced fill panels, concrete precast units, marine andcoastal structures. used as a protective coating for car park structures used to protect exterior surface of cementious and masonry substrates from aggressive marine and coastal environment. used for interior surfaces creating special decorative effects
Available sizes: 20L

Documents and downloads

How to use

Surface Preparation

The surface must be structurally sound and free of oil,
grease, dust and other contaminants which will affect
the bonding. Any structural cracks and potholes shall be
repaired with a suitable repair mortar from the Polycrete*
range of repairmortars.


Apply a penetrative primer coat of solvent based acrylic
primer(Polyprime AC) to the prepared dry surface. This will
impregnate the surface and form an impervious barrier
to moisture and other environmental contaminants.
Depending on the porosity and nature of the substrate a
second coat is recommended to be given after the first coat
has dried off completely 


Mix the contents of the Polyguard 102S pail thoroughly
before use. The first coat of Polyguard 102S is to be
applied on the dry primer. The coating can be applied with
a brush, roller or an airless spray. Apply the second coat at
right angles to the firstcoat at the same rate. The second
coat is to be applied only after the first is completely dry. 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Polyprime AC is the recommended primer

This is an aliphatic product

No. It is a UV resistant coat suitable for exposed application