High flow, high strength epoxy resin grout

  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High tensile, flexural and compressive strength

Features and benefits

It is a free flowing non shrink solvent free low exothermic epoxy resin based grout. It is a combination of high performance epoxy resins, specially graded aggregates and additives withstand heavy static and dynamic loads in a wide variety of applications. Suitable for an application thickness up to 300mm.



POLYBIT® POLYGROUT EY 3000 (HF) is used for a machine base plate; bridge bearing pads; anchoring of crane rails, towers and dock sills; anchoring of bolts and rebars in concrete, brick work, masonry and rock; installation of reinforced concrete starter bars; foundation bolts and railway tracks; all applications under conditions of high ambient temperature. Available pack size: 15L kit.

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How to use


Surfaces shall be structurally sound and clean of all contaminants like mould release agent, curing compound, grease, paint and cement laitance. The area shall be dry and free of standing water. Surface cleaning by grit/captive blasting or wire brushing is recommended depending on the degree of contamination. A watertight shutter shall be erected all around the area where Polygrout EY 3000 (HF) shall be poured. Any gaps or openings below the formwork or on joints shall be sealed with a suitable mastic sealant or a rubber seal.
Caution: Resin leakage from the grout will result in segregation. The formwork shall be coated with a heavy duty mould release oil to ensure easy deshuttering.


Mix Part A and Part B separately for a minute using a slow speed drill (3 00 - 400 rpm) fitted to a suitable paddle mixer. Then add part B into part A and mix t ho roughly for 1-2 minutes. Add part C aggregates slowly into the mix and further mix for another for 3-4 minutes till a uniform and homogenous consistency is achieved.
Note: All parts are pre-weighed and no part mixing is allowed.
Pour the mixed Polygrout EY 3000 (HF) immediately after mixing and within the pot life. The grout s hall be poured continuously from one corner or end to a void entrapment of air. The material is self compacting, so no additional vibration is required. For congested are as it is recommended to lightly tamp the shutters with a rubber mallet to remove the entrapped air. Note: The grout which has exceeded its pot life shall not be used and be discarded immediately 


Store the material in a dry, cool and shaded condition. In tropical climates the product must be stored in an air conditioned environment. The shelf life of the product is up to 12 months when stored as per recommendation. Excessive exposure to heat, UV and sunlight will result in the deterioration of the quality of the product and reduce its shelf life 

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Frequently asked questions

This is an epoxy grout

No priming required.

It can be applied at a thickness of 10 to 300mm/layer