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Single component, acrylic waterproofing and protective coating

  • Excellent UV, weatherability & color retention properties
  • Single component. Easy to use
  • Excellent resistance to water and moisture

Features and benefits

A single component, acrylic waterproofing and protective coating especially designed for PU Foam on roof applications. upon curing forms a tough flexible and durable coating which is resistant to UV and other weathering agents.



POLYBIT® POLYCRYL PF Can be used as a protective coating for a wide variety of applications, which includes the following: spray applied polyurethane foam, protection coating for exposed roofs. Available pack size: 25KG.

Documents and downloads

How to use

Surface Preparation

The surface shall be cleaned thoroughly of all
contaminants. For concrete substrate, impurities like
dust, traces of curing compound, oil and grease shall
be cleaned thoroughly. Light mechanical grinding/grit
blasting/high pressure water jet may be used to clean the
surface of all the contaminants .


On horizontal surfaces Polycryl PF can be applied
directly without primer provided that recommended
surface preparation has been carried out. Polycryl PF is single component but it is recommended to
stir the pail before application. Apply the coating with a brush, roller or airless spray. Allow
the coating to fully dry before applying the subsequent
coats. Two coats should always be applied 


Allow the final coating to cure fully for 72 hours before putting it into service. The coating should be applied @0.85 L/m²/coat for a Dry film thickness (DFT) of 500 microns per coat (1.0mm in 2 coats). 

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