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POLYBIT Polyxane

Silane siloxane based penetrative protective coating

  • Highly penetrative clear, non-staining sealer
  • Integral protection, cannot delaminate or degrade.
  • Reduces discoloration of white or coloured concrete due to pollution.

Features and benefits

It is a single component highly penetrating protective treatment for concrete, masonry and stone work.



POLYBIT® POLYXANE reduces the penetration of chloride ions and sulphates into reinforced concrete; sealing precast concrete; reducing efflorescence; waterproofing sealer for edges of stone marble; primer for other repair mortars. Available pack size: 20L, 200L.

Documents and downloads

How to use

Surface Preparation

All surfaces to be treated should be fully cured, dry and free from laitance, traces of mould oil or curing compounds. oil, grease and previous coatings must be removed completely. if the surface to be treated is washed after cleaning it must be allowed to dry before the application of POLYXANE.


POLYXANE may be used directly from the container. no dilution with water or solvent is required, however the contents of the container should be mixed before use. apply by a low-pressure spray or brush ensuring complete coverage. on vertical surfaces apply flood coats starting at the bottom of the panel and working upwards. a min of two coats is required; which should be applied, ‘wet on wet’. a maximum of 2 hours over coating time is permissible. typical consumption will and be 4-5m²/l per coat. however, site trial is recommended to ascertain the exact coverage. high winds are detrimental to even application and will increase wastage. erect wind breaks if required. POLYXANE is solvent based adequate ventilation is required. also care is to be taken to avoid prolonged contact with air as it reacts with atmospheric humidity. 


The pails and drums must be stored in a covered area, away from direct sunlight, UV and other sources of heat. The shelf life of the product is up to 12 months if stored as per recommendations. excessive exposure to sunlight an UV will result in the deterioration of the quality of the product and reduce its shelf life. 

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