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POLYBIT Polyhard

Mineral based dry shake floor hardener

  • Provides a hard and durable surface topping on concrete
  • Reduces dusting and resists oil and grease penetration which makes it easy to clean
  • Premixed and ready to use powder

Features and benefits

Ready to use factory blended cementitious powder, which has been formulated to provide hard wearing surface when applied as a dry shake powder over freshly floated concrete surface.



POLYBIT® POLYHARD is sed for providing a high wear resistant and antiskid surface to newly laid concrete surface by the dry shake method. It finds its best use in indoor and outdoor applications such as industrial warehouses & factories, garages, ramps and loading bays, power stations and aircraft hangers.
Available pack size: 25kg

Documents and downloads

How to use


Calculate the total quantity of Polyhard to be used, divide
and mark the area into suitable bays and set out the bags evenly around the perimeter of the application area. Make
sure that the required wooden hand floats and power floats
are on site and ready to use.
With the least possible handling, deposit concrete between
previously placed screed points. Move concrete into place
with square tipped shovel or other solid bladed tools.
Vibrators when used should be inserted vertically and
should not be used to move concrete. The concrete once
placed is further leveled and consolidated with wooden or
hand floats. Remove any bleed water, which is present on
the surface.


First shake: Transfer Polyhard powder from the bags to pails of a
size convenient for handling by the person walking on
the freshly floated surface. When the concrete has set
enough to leave a 3 – 6 mm footprint on the surface, start
broadcasting 2/3rd of the quantity evenly over the surface.
As soon as the material darkens, start working on the
surface with wooden float. Make sure that the surface is not
overworked which results in excessive moisture surfacing.
Second shake: As the floating proceeds, immediately follow the process
by broadcasting, at right angles to the initial broadcast, the balance 1/3rd of the quantity set apart. Once the material
darkens, float the surface with a power float bringing the
moisture completely through the surface. In case of heavy
duty application the first broad cast will be done only
with the half the quantity. This is followed by two separate
broadcasts each with ¼ the quantity and at right angles to
each other. 


Extreme care and attention should be given at the bay
edges and corners as they endure heavy wear and tear. Bay
edges are usually reinforced with one of the following ways:
Immediately after the leveling of the fresh concrete, sprinkle
by hand @5 kg/m2 in strips of 10cm width along the bay
edges ( i.e., 0.5 kg/lm).
Immediately after the leveling of the fresh concrete, remove
a wedge of concrete 10mm deep at the edges. Then apply
a stiff mass of Polyhard mixed with clean water. This must
be fully compacted to the base concrete. These reinforced
areas will be further strengthened when subsequent full
application is completed. 

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Frequently asked questions

It is a ready to use powder floor hardener

Yes. Curing is very important

It reduces dusting