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  • Heavy-duty application
  • Resistane to puncture
  • Exceptional dimensional stability under pressure

Features and benefits

High performance double reinforced SBS modified bituminous membrane.



POLYBIT® BITUPLUS E 4250 G is used for applications such as waterproofing protection of concrete bridge decks, roofs, multi-storey car parks and other applications that demand an exceptionally stable membrane.
Available pack size: 1x10m

How to use


Clean the surface thoroughly of all loosely
adhering particles. Sharp protrusions if any are to
be removed. Dampness or dew settled on the
concrete surface is to be removed and brought to
a dry condition.
Apply a coat of POLYPRIME SB (Solvent based
bitumen primer) on to a clean, dry and smooth
surface. Refer primer data sheet for further details.
Unroll and align BITUPLUS E 4250 G and re roll correctly
before torching. Overlap should be a minimum of
100 mm.


Use gas burner to heat substrate and the
underside of BITUPLUS E 4250 G. Embossing on the
lower face of the membrane allows a fast and safe
laying. When embossing disappears, after
torching the membrane is ready to stick. Roll
forward and press firmly against the substrate to


All angles and abutments should be sealed with
extra care to ensure full bondage. Seal the edges
well into the grooves and protect with BITUMASTIC or equivalent polysulphide sealant. 

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Frequently asked questions

It is recommended using solvent based bitumen primer conforming to ASTM D 41

Yes. It msut be protected from damages that may happen during the site activities.

No. It is not necessary to use bonding agents or twin sided tape for fixing on torch applied membranes. It can be applied by torching.