Hydrophilic rubber based on polyurethane


  • Hydroseal P is a hydrophilic rubber based on polyurethane, which is available in different types.
  • Hydroseal P is used for sealing purposes in civil engineering, structural engineering as well as tunneling for waterpressure up to 5bar.
  • Hydroseal P has a three dimensional polymer structure, which is build up from unstructured polyurethane chains (macromolecules). the elastomeric features arise due to the weak cross linkage of the polymer chains. the swelling ability happens due to hydrophilic polymer resins,which can expand in contact with water in excess of 300% by volume.
  • Hydroseal P is used for sealing of construction joints, restoration of expansion joints, sealing of precast concrete segments, sealing of tubbing part in tunneling, proofing of shafts and pipe penetrations.

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by Step

Surface Preparation

Surface of the Hydroseal P shall be cleaned of all dirt and cement laitance which can affect the water tight seal with the concrete.


Sealing of construction joints:

For the successful application of Hydroseal P in construction joints, the profile has to be placed into the center of the reinforcement or at least 10 cm away from the concrete flanks. It has to be adhered fully with Polyseal PP / Polyseal Swell /Bitubond N to the substrate. If necessary the profile can also be nailed onto the concrete. It has to be sure that the profile cannot change its position while concreting. Rough surfaces should be smoothened before adhering the profile. This can be achieved with the application of Polycrete concrete repair products or with the sealant Polyseal Swell which develops in contact with water expansion to seal any gap or undulations between the surface and Hydroseal P. 

Jointing of end and side laps:

Joints and lap-over areas are to be fixed by means of Polyseal Swell / Polyseal PP sealing of precast concrete segments:

If used for sealing of precast concrete elements it is recommended to create a notch in the segments. The applied profile is chosen so that the elements create already at assembling a prestress. A proper plugging can be achieved with mounting cements like Polyquick FS or a permanently elastic sealant e.g. Polyseal PP.