Two component, polyurethane injection/pouring foam system


Polyfoam I-20 is a two-component, Injection/Pouring grade polyurethane foam that creates a seamless, monolithic barrier against water vapor and air. Polyfoam I-20 is an HCFC-blown & CFC free, polymeric M.D.I based system for producing rigid urethane foam with a nominal core density of 35 kg/m3 by injection/Pouring process. Grades, adjusted in reactivity, are available for both cold and hot condition.


  • Injection grade
  • CFC free
  • 35kg density

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by Step

Mix ratio

1 polyol :1.20 MDI by weight.

Typical reaction rate and density (laboratory, cup mix) (both components at 20°C & 100gm/mix)

cream time: 22 - 24 sec.

gel time: 115 - 140 sec.

free rise density : 22 - 24kg/m3

Reactivity and density may vary depend on ambient temperature and grade.

Storage and Handling

Store at room temperature in sealed drums. Moisture will react with this component to produce a surface skin of polymerized material. Protect from moisture and moisture vapour. Close all drums after use. Maximum permissible storage time is 6 months. The ideal storage temperature is between +20ºC and +25ºC. MDI may undergo partial crystallization at temperature below 0ºC. The product can, however, be brought back into the liquid state by placing the container in a heating cabinet and Carefully warming the entire contents for a short time to a maximum of 70ºC. Polyol might store at room temperature (below 25°C.) in sealed drums. Close all drums after use to prevent loss of blowing agent and absorption of moisture. Safety goggles, impermeable protective gloves and overalls should always be worn when handling this product. Contaminated clothing should be removed immediately to prevent further skin contact.