Epoxy repair putty and bedding mortar


Polypoxy NF is an easy to use non-flowing, sand filled two component epoxy compound which can be used for bedding, gap filling, repair and adhesive applications.


  • Easy to use, non slumping
  • Good impact resistance
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, oil, grease, hydrocarbon fuels and saline water
  • No primer or bonding agent required
  • High compressive strength
  • Can be trowelled to smooth finish

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by Step

Surface Preparation

Clean all the surfaces and remove any loose particles, laitance, dust, oil, grease, paint etc. abrade the bond area to improve mechanical bond. 


Polypoxy NF part a and part b shall be mixed thoroughly using a trowel or gloved hand until a uniform color and consistency is achieved. For small mixes, ensure that both the parts are mixed as per the ratio of 60:40 (A:B)


Application can be carried out by putty knife, trowel or wooden float. press firmly to ensure proper adhesion and full contact. Additional build up can be done by multiple layer  application. Thickness can be from 0mm – 5 mm. The application of additional layers should follow between 8 – 24 hours after the first application.