Acrylic modified cementitious waterproofing coating


Two component acrylic modified cementitious coating, specially designed for structures continually immersed conditions.


  • Factory produced and packed to avoid on site variations 
  • Seals light weight aerated blocks. 
  • Seals pre-cast joints. 
  • Non-Toxic, compatible with drinking water. 
  • Anti carbonation protection. 
  • Non corrosive to metal. 
  • Can withstand negative and positive water pressures.
  •  Excellent adhesion to most substrates.

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by step


The surface must be clean and free from oil, grease, dust, loosely adhering particles and any other contaminations. The substrate to be coated with Polyflex Super must be structurally sound. Cracks and pot holes are to be repaired with Polycrete repair mortar prior to the application of the system. Light mechanical grinding or high pressure water jet cleaning of the concrete surface can be done to remove any contaminants on the surface. Saturate or thoroughly wet with water the surface and bring it to surface saturated dry condition prior to the application of the coating. However, ensure that there is no standing or flowing water.


Polyflex Super is supplied in two parts and pre-measured. Only on site mixing is needed. Slowly add the powder to the liquid and mix using a slow speed drill fitted with a suitable paddle. Mix only sufficient quantity which can be used within the pot life. Mixing is to be continued till a creamy, homogenous and lump free consistency is achieved.


Apply the mixed material on to the damp surface by a soft bristled brush, roller or a suitable spraying machine. If the brush starts dragging, dampen the surface again. However, do not add water to the mixed material. Allow the first coat to dry considerably, which typically will be 4-5 hours at 35°C. Application of the second coat is to be done at right angles to the first coat. However, pre wetting the first coat is not required prior to the application of the second coat. The typical coverage rate will be 1.75 kg/m²/coat to get a Dry Film Thickness of 1mm. In corners and joints, for added reinforcement, CL 252 mesh shall be embedded in first coat whilst still wet and can be covered with the second coat applications. Curing should be done immediately after the coating has attained its final set. Ponding or the use of wet Hessian cloth is recommended.