R 777


Dispersion primer


Very low-emission dispersion primer used as a bonding bridge for Ceresit levelling and smoothing compounds on absorbent substrates such as cement screeds and concrete floors, calcium sulfate screeds, levelling and smoothing compounds, dry construction boards. Can also be used before directly bonding floor coverings on suitable substrates with Ceresit adhesives. Ceresit R 777 is not a barrier against moisture.


  • Binds residual dust
  • Closes screed pores and adjusts the absorbency
  • Powerful bonding bridge
  • Very high coverage

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Step by step


Subfloors must comply with the requirements of ATV DIN 18 365 "Floor covering work" or BS CP 8204 or comparable national standards. In particular they must be clean, free from structural defects, firm, permanently dry and free of release agents. In case of cement based substrates, any laitance must be removed using suitable machines. Always grind sulphate screeds (with sandpaper, grain size 16) and vacuum clean.


Shake well before use. On screeds dilute Ceresit R 777 1:1 with water, on concrete floors use Ceresit R 777 undiluted. Apply evenly with a lambskin roller. Do not allow the primer to form puddles. A second coat may be necessary on porous, very absorbent substrates after drying.