Flooring Solutions

No residential, commercial or industrial building is complete without flooring; it is most often the first physical element that we come in contact with in a building structure. While the design and color of flooring contribute to the overall appearance and interior design of a building, the choice of flooring materials plays a critical role in creating the experience intended for the overall project. Flooring systems should provide a levelled and aesthetic finish that safely supports the loads applied to them.


There is a complex set of flooring systems that fulfill practical and functional requirements depending on the type of use for a building. For instance, industrial or car park flooring requires a different set of flooring adhesives, coatings, or levelling compounds than flooring in a residential project. Leveraging quality materials and technologies for flooring systems ensures the desired aesthetic finish that interior designers may need, while maintaining durable and hygienic features that boost occupant wellbeing and protect flooring from damaging agents.


With an extensive range of flooring systems developed with the highest quality flooring technologies, from polyurethane, epoxy, and cementitious to acrylic and more, our end-to-end flooring solutions combine protection, durability, and functionality while adhering to international standards and meeting project design and practical requirements.