POLYBIT Polyprime PS

Primer for porous joints

  • Strengthens the adhesion
  • Stabilizes and seals joint surface particularly in harsh
  • Does not Contain Asbestos, Chromated Copper Arsenate and Lead

Features and benefits

Seals the joint surface and increase the adhesion with the joint sealant.



POLYBIT® POLYPRIME PS is a single component solvent based adhesion promoting primer for movement and control joints in porous substrates like concrete, block work, asbestos and timber. The primer forms a chemical bridge between the concrete surface and the sealant which is applied into the joint. Available Size: 1L/TIN

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How to use

Joint preparation

The joint surface must be clean, dry and free from oil, loose particles, cement laitance and other contaminants which may affect the adhesion. A thorough wire brushing, grinding, sand blasting or solvent cleaning may be required to expose a clean and sound substrate. On painted surfaces all loosely adhering paint must be removed (contamination will reduce the strength of the bond), if in doubt remove all previous decorations. To optimize adhesion of both the primer and the sealant, remove all round or sharp edges and corners. Ensure that the surface is absolutely dry before the primer is applied.


Polyprime PS shall be applied to clean, dry surface prior to the installation of backer rod or bond breaking tape. Polyprime PS can be applied by a brush in one thin and uniform coat. The sealant shall be applied only after the primer becomes tackfree. A recoat of the primer is required to be applied on the surfaces if the sealant application gets delayed by more than 3 hours after application of the primer. For obtaining a clean and neat finish, masking tape shall be applied on both the edges of the groove before applying the primer and shall be removed once the sealant installation is complete. 


Clean all tools with Polysolvent immediately after use. Hardened materials can be removed mechanically only. 

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Frequently asked questions

Polyprime PS shall be applied to a clean, dry joints prior to the installation of backer rod or bond breaking tape.

It is compatible with all types of bitumen free sealants

Yes. It is a solvent based primer