POLYBIT Polypoxy

Epoxy resin based chemical and abrasion resistant screed

  • High Impact and abrasion resistance
  • High compressive, flexural and tensile strength
  • Good resistance to chemicals

Features and benefits

It's a solvent free, non-shrink, epoxy resin based mortar screed. Can be applied in thicknesses from 2mm to 20mm in a single layer.



POLYBIT® POLYPOXY is a heavy duty floor screed for: chemical plants & factories; warehouses & workshops; dairies & food processing plants; heavy engineering industrial floor; metal treatment plants; substations & battery rooms. Available pack size: 10L kit.

Documents and downloads

How to use

Surface Preparation

Clean the surface of all dust, dirt, oil & grease, cement laitance and all loosely adhering particles. New concrete surface shall be at least 28 days old and the surface moisture content less than 5%. Captive/grit blasting and grinding is recommended for the most effective surface preparation. Surface irregularities and blow holes shall be repaired with Polypoxy BF (Epoxy resin based blow hole filler and skimming mortar) or Polycrete ST (cementitious repair mortar). Alternatively an epoxy resin based scratch coat can be used when repairing larger areas (> 0.5m2). The surface after carrying out the necessary cleaning shall be vacuumed for removing the dust debris left over after the cleaning process. The surface shall be primed with a solvent free epoxy primer (Polyprime EP) @ 4-5 m2/L.


Mix part A and B separately for 2 minutes using a heavy duty slow speed drill (300-400rpm) fitted with a spiral mixing paddle. Pour Part B (hardener) and Part A (base) into a separate container and mix well for a few minutes. Add Part C (filler) slowly to the mixed base and hardener and continue mixing for further 3 – 5 minutes until a uniform and homogenous lump free consistency is achieved. As the products are supplied in pre-weighed packs, part mixing is not at all recommended, as the cured product will not achieve its full properties even if there is a small variation in the mixing proportions. The epoxy screed shall be applied immediately after mixing within its working time. Discharge the mixed mortar from the mixer and place on the floor when the primer is still in a tacky condition. Spread and compact the mortar with a wooden trowel to get a uniform thickness and complete the application with a steel trowel. 


Store in a dry, cool and shaded area. Protect from sunlight,
frost and high humidity. In tropical climates, store the
material in air conditioned area at less than 25°C. The
shelf life of the product is 12 months if stored as per
recommendations. Exposure to heat and high humidity will
result in the premature deterioration of the product and
reduce its shelf life considerably 

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Frequently asked questions

Yes. Solvent free epoxy based primer to be used

It can be applied at a range of 4 to 20mm in single lay.

Yes. This product is highly abrasion resistant