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Two component, fast setting polyurethane injection foam

  • Fast Setting
  • Crack Bridging

Features and benefits

Polyinject Stop is a two component, fast setting polyurethane injection foam to stop water leakage/flow from concrete and masonry structures.



POLYBIT® POLYINJECT STOP is used as a fast water stop system, in cracks, crevices in construction above and below ground level. Typical applications are tunneling, basement, water tanks and water retaining structures. Available Pack : 11 Kg/Kit

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How to use

Surface Preparation

If the water flow allows the surface should be stable and free of separating substances. Insufficiently firm layers and concrete slurry must be removed. Especially when applying surface packers and in case that the crack will be sealed, the substrate must be sufficiently prepared.

Work preparation

Polyinject Stop has to be applied with injection packers. The injection packers may be fixed into holes drilled directly into the crack or drilled diagonally from concrete adjacent to the crack or by the fixing of injection nipples bonded to the surface using Polyquick or Polyquick FS. For further assistance and instructions regarding the packer fixing and design please refer to our Method Statement. 


Polyinject Stop is a multi-component resin, which is injected into the water-carrying areas with pneumatic, electrical or hand-operated 1-component pumps. Take care to exclude moisture as much as possible and place the mixed material in an enclosed container after mixing. To decrease the potlife, up to 10% of catalyst can be added and mixed into Polyinject Stop. The mixture of Polyinject Stop and catalyst lasts approx. 8 hours. A skin can form on the liquid surface through reaction with water, which does not influence the processing of the material. Only mix sufficient resin that can be used within the pot life of the material. When flowing water has been stopped, reinject with Polyinject PU+ or any other suitable injection resin out of the Polyinject range to produce a permanent seal. For further information refer to the concerned datasheet permanent seal. For further information refer to the concerned datasheet 

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