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Polyethylene joint filler board

Features and benefits

Bitumen free Polyethylene joint filler board- ideal for water retaining structure with good thermal insulation properties.


POLYBIT® POLYBOARD PE is a non-extruding, non-absorbent, UV resistant, semi-rigid, highly resilient, bitumen free, closed cell polyethylene joint filler for expansion and movement joints in concrete, brickwork and block work. Available size: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 50mm.

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How to use


When used to form movement joints in in-situ concrete, Polyboard can be positioned next to the shuttering before casting or can be bonded to the adjacent concrete with an appropriate adhesive. The softboard must be protected on external faces by a compatible weather resistant sealant. Polyboard up to a thickness of 19mm can be cut using a stable knife and a guide bar for a straight edge after cutting. To avoid tearing in the reverse face, the cut should be made onto a flat rigid backing material. Boards thicker than 19mm should be cut with a portable electric circular saw


Polyboard can be fixed to protect waterproof membrane with a suitable adhesive like Bitubond N or by suitable approved mechanical fixing methods. 


Store the boards in a cool, dry and shaded area. The boards should be stacked on a pallet which should be placed on a flat area. Keep away from sharp edges and protect the edges from getting damaged. During installation carry single boards vertically. 

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