Floor Levelling Compound

  • Smooth surface, self levelling
  • Resistant to concentrated loads
  • Excellent crack resistant

Features and benefits

Floor Levelling Compound from 2 to 10 mm for indoor use.



CERESIT® CN 69 is a Self-levelling compound suitable for concrete, cement-sand screed and other mineral bases to create smooth surface ready to receive textile, PVC, Linoleum and rubber coverings as well as ceramic tiles. Also, suitable for heated floors. Ceresit CN 69 is recommended only for dry indoor areas. Available pack size: 23kg.

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How to use

Surface Preparation

Ceresit CN 69 adheres to all solid, load-bearing, clean and dry concrete surfaces free of substances which can cause separation. Wax coatings, oil, grease and adhesive stains must be removed completely. Concrete floors and cement screeds: Loose and soft layers of the subfloor should be removed mechanically. Clean the surface and remove the dust. Priming Prime the substrate with suitable primer. On screeds dilute primer 1:1 with water, on concrete floors use undiluted primer. Apply evenly with a lambskin roller. Do not allow the primer to form puddles. A second coat may be necessary on porous, highly absorbent substrates after drying. Apply Ceresit CN 69 when the primed surface is dry (approx. after 1 to 4 hours depending on the climate conditions). Nonabsorbent substrates (e.g. old tile coverings): Clean nonabsorbent substrates such as old tile coverings or floors with adhesive residues mechanically. Apply suitable primer with a roller onto the cleaned substrate. The ingress of moisture into the floor structure must always be prevented by suitable measures (e.g. waterproofing membranes, barrier primers). This applies in particular to composite structures and concrete floors.


Pour 5.5-6.0 liters of clean water into a mixing bucket and slowly add full bag (23kg) Ceresit CN 69, to get a lump free, homogeneous mix. Use appropriate mechanical stirrer ( with suitable mixing paddle) at approx. 600 rpm for 3minutes. Apply the levelling compound to the prepared, primed floor with either a flooring rake or smoothing trowel to the desired layer thickness. Once the material is evenly spread, roll the surface with an appropriate spike roller to eliminate the entrapped air. Protect the finished surface layer against too rapid drying (direct sunlight etc.). The mixed quantity of Ceresit CN69 must be be used within application time of approx. 20–25 minutes @ 23°C. 


Only carry out floor installation work if the floor temperature is above 15 °C, air temperature above 18°C and relative humidity below 75 %. – Wait until the applied product is completely dry before continuing with the next steps. For this purpose, ensure favorable climatic conditions (recommended: 50 % rel. humidity, 20°C) and adequate air circulation. – Protect the freshly applied levelling compound from direct sunlight and draughts. – Do not mix the product with other floor levelling compounds. – Do not use outdoors or in areas directly or indirectly exposed to moisture. If in doubt, use suitable moisture barriers. Ceresit CN 69 is a Polymer-modified cement/gypsum combination that sets off an alkaline reaction with water. The risk of medium- or long-term release of appreciable concentrations of volatile organic substances (VOC) into the ambient air is negligible. Nevertheless, ensure good ventilation during and after application and drying. Avoid eating, drinking or smoking while processing this product. Strongly alkaline reaction with moisture, so protect skin and eyes. After contact, wash immediately with plenty of water. After eye contact also seek medical advice. 

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Frequently asked questions

No. It is designed for indoor use only

It can be applied at 2 to 10mm/layer

Yes. Ceresit R 777 is the recommended primer