Sealant Solutions

Where there is a structure, there are joints. From joint types such as construction to control (saw-cut) and expansion, joints exist to allow relative movement and accommodate the dimensional changes of structural elements. This makes them particularly susceptible to pollutants, moisture, and other external agents which could compromise the integrity and durability of the joints. Sealants are therefore used to exclude external agents and protect the joints while ensuring a free movement for structural elements - making them an essential part of building construction.


A key point of consideration is selecting joint sealants that are highly flexible with excellent adhesion and cohesion properties to facilitate the movement of the building structure. Various sealant base types are applied depending on the area of application. For instance, acrylic joint sealants are used for filling joints between drywalls, floors-to-walls, windows and door frames, and other kinds of non-civil and low movement joints. Polysulfide sealants, on the other hand, are used in expansion joints for water tanks, bridges, parking areas, airports, and commercial or industrial complexes. Careful consideration is required during the selection and application of joint sealants as quality solutions and professional expertise are imperative to sustaining your building structure in the long term - and this is where we can help.

Joint Sealants