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Rooftite PU 10

Our trusted roofing system, for all metal roofs, with efficient thermal protection. 

Rooftite PU10 is a long lasting leak resistant roofing system, with efficient thermal protection for the metal roof structures. It comprises a thick layer of Polyurethane Foam and acrylic based weather and waterproofing coating - which is resistant to UV, other weathering agents and fully bonded to PU foam surface- representing the safest option for both permanent and temporary exposed metal roofs.

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What you will need

Polyfoam, Polycryl PF


All the surfaces must be cleaned and made free of dust, dirt, moss, oil, grease and other loose particles. This can be achieved by grit/sand/shot blasting. As a minimum, vigorous wire brushing should be employed. All pin holes and surface defects shall be repaired with a suitable Polycrete* concrete repair mortar.


Sprayed PU Foam SS 45 A is a combination of isocyanate and polyol. These two components feed through a proportioner, heats & pumps two separate components to the spray gun, where they mixed and sprayed in to the substrate.  Sprayed to the roof as a liquid and forms a single continuous structure which is seamless and very stable. The application should be done with high pressure airless spray machine.

Mixing method:      Machine mixing

Mixing ratio:          1Polyol :1MDI (by volume)

Adjust the mix ratio 1:1 (by volume) of polyol and MDI, spray to the designated areas by using the machine. We recommend spraying each layer with 1cm thickness to maintain adequate properties of the foam. 

The surface should be free of any cement laitance, oil, grease, curing compound and any other deleterious materials.

Ensure the PU foam surface is completely dry prior to the application of protective coating (Polycryl PF).

Stir the contents of the drum thoroughly by using Slow speed drill machine with less than 500 rpm with a suitable spiral mixer before application to remove all sediments.

Apply Polycryl PF with a brush, roller or airless spray. Allow the coating to dry completely before applying the subsequent coats. 2 coats should always be applied; the second coat at 90° to the first. Allow the final coating to cure fully (72 hours) after which it can be put in service. For roof applications, the coating shall be applied @0.85 L/m²/coat for a DFT of 1.0mm in 2 coats.


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