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Polyproof Ultra FB

Fully-bonded, high performance HDPE based waterproofing membrane system 

When looking for a substructural waterproofing system that effectively prevents lateral water migration, a fully-bonded waterproofing system is the ideal solution given a proven track-record of lowering the risk of water ingress into the structure.

Henkel Polybit’s Polyproof Ultra FB is a cold-applied, multi-component, fully-bonded HDPE based waterproofing membrane system, which is pre-applied for horizontal surfaces and shoring walls and offers post-applied options for retaining walls.

Polyproof Ultra FB is designed to be installed prior pouring the structural concrete (where retaining walls aren’t present), which is then poured directly onto the Polyproof Ultra FB system, providing a seamless integrated chemical and mechanical bond with the freshly poured concrete, effectively becoming an integral part of its structure.


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