Foundations and Roofing Systems

There is no doubt that in the GCC region, one can find the most challenging Construction projects, due to the unique project designs, as well as the extreme climate conditions. Henkel Construction Adhesives has contributed fundamentally in major projects in the GCC in the last 25 years, creating a track record of reliability, with the strong locally established brand POLYBIT, offering a wide product range of construction chemicals. Waterproofing and roofing are very important components in the construction process, as poor waterproofing protection can bring serious risks to the integrity of a building, while poor roofing protection can significantly increase the energy costs, moreover in GCC region.

During our discussions with consultants and engineers, we acknowledge the need of simplifying our approach, reflecting our extensive technical expertise on a simple system selector for foundations and roofing systems per application, that with a quick navigation, the consultants and engineers may finalize what is the suitable system for the project that they are currently working on, just in few minutes. Moreover, we understood the need to offer small mock up simulation samples of these systems – and not just 3D CAD designs – so as the consultants and engineers to have a comprehensive picture of the system that he is selecting, touching and feeling each detail of the system.


Foundations Systems: The system selector table is based on 3 parameters such as project depth of excavation, watertable and period of warranty.

Roofing Systems: The system selector table is based on 5 parameters such as type of the project (residential or industrial), thermal insulation efficiency, type of roofing (exposed or covered), accessibility level and period of warranty.

If you would like more info on each individual system, you may visit our specification systems link for further navigation.

Watertide S2003 - for depth of excavtion up to 3m

Watertide S2005 - for depth of excavtion up to 5m

Watertide S2012 - for depth of excavtion up to 12m

Watertide T2015 - for depth of excavtion up to 15m