Line marking paint for roads and parkings


Polypur LMP is a specially formulated high build line marking paint based on a modified acrylic/chlorinated rubber hybrid.


  • Quick drying
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply
  • Suitable for use in both internal and external conditions
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Excellent resistance against oil, alkalis and hydrocarbon fuels
  • Good adhesion on most substrates
  • Good reflection properties with glass beads

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by Step

Surface preparation

Concrete surface: Clean the surface of all dirt, oil & grease and other contaminants. If required wash the area completely with clean water. Allow the surface to dry. Asphalt/Tarmac: Clean the surface of all dirt and other contaminants. The surface can be washed with a detergent followed by rinsing with clean water. Allow the surface to dry. Polyurethane/Epoxy Coated surface: Clean the surface of all dust and other contaminants. For old coated areas use a detergent to clean the dirt followed by thorough rinsing with clean water.


Mix the contents of the pail thoroughly prior to application to remove any sediment. Polypur LMP can be applied with an airless spray, brush or roller. When applying with an airless spray, the tip of the nozzle should be 0.3-0.4mm and applied at a minimum pressure of 2500 psi. Use Polysolvent to thin the coating for the airless spray application. The line marking paint can be applied at a coverage rate of 5 m2/L (200 micron WFT to get a DFT of 120 microns). The second coat if required to build up the thickness can be applied only after the first coat dries off completely (30 minutes @25°C). For superior light reflectivity, proprietary glass beads (<200 microns) can be sprinkled on top of the coating whilst it is still wet.