Wet Areas Systems

Watertite WA 17

Our waterproofing system for structures with high hydrostatic or hydrodynamic load. 

Water holding ponds and structures, in water parks or aquariums, are underwater areas which are continuously under submerged conditions, where the depth of the structure may range from 1m to 10m. Watertite WA17 waterproofing system, based on a combination of Polyurea and Polyurethane technology, is designed for the protection of such large water body structures, under high hydrostatic or hydrodynamic load conditions.

Watertite WA 17, UV resistant, high chemical resistant, 20 years warranty, fountains, aquariums, water holding structures


What you will need

Polyprime PU, Polythane PR, Polypur TC20


  1. All concrete repairs shall be carried out before starting the application of the primer. The following steps should be followed for repairs and surface preparation.
  2. Repair concrete spalls and other defects in concrete with Polycrete ST or a suitable repair mortar from the Polycrete or Polypoxy repair range.
  3. The concrete surface shall be shot/grit blasted to remove all contamination, laitance, oil & grease, wax based curing compounds and loose materials completely from the surface on which the application is to be done.
  4. Cracks in the concrete should be routed and filled with an appropriate compatible material to the primer system. Any sharp or rough surfaces should be ground to avoid protrusions, as the protrusion will telegraph through the Polyurea Membrane.
  5. All the dust on the surface shall be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner before application of the primer.
  6. Cover and mask protected surfaces prior to spray applications.
  7. Erect spray curtains and partitions as required.


  1. Primer Polyprime PU shall be applied with roller or squeegee on the prepared surface @5 m2/lt.

    Allow the primer to dry completely before the commencement of POLYTHANE PR spray application.
  2. A re-coat of the primer has to be given if the application of the top coat gets delayed for more than 24 hours.


Polythane PR is sprayed by maintaining an application pressure of 150-180 bar and temperature of 70 to 80ºC. High thickness buildup can be achieved by multilayer application.

A bituminous coating is required to be given on top of the applied POLYTHANE PR coating in order to enhance the bond between the coating and the asphalt overlay.

Apply Tack coat (to be provided by asphalt supplier) by a roller on top of the POLYTHANE PR coating.

Whilst the tack coat is still wet, lightly broadcast AGGREGATE NO. 3 at a coverage rate of 0.3kg/m² to prevent tire/track pickup during asphalting.


The surface should be dry, free of any cement laitance, oil and grease, curing compound and any other contaminants, which may affect the bonding. New concrete surfaces should be 28 days old and the moisture content on the surface must be less than 5%.


  1. Pour the entire contents of Part B of the POLYPUR TC 20 into the Part A pail and mix thoroughly with a paddle mixer fitted to a slow speed drill till a homogenous and uniform mix is achieved.
  2. Apply POLYPUR TC 20 onto the surface with a lamb’s wool roller @ 5 m2/ L on anti-skid surface and @6.5 m/L for smooth finish surface.
  3. If required apply a second coat at the same coverage rate and only after the first coat has dried off completely (24 hours).
  4. Allow the coating to cure for a minimum period of 24 hours prior to subjecting the floor to light traffic movement. For heavy or vehicular traffic movement, the coating is to be cured for a minimum period of 7days.
  5. Clean all tools immediately after use with POLYSOLVENT. Hardened materials can be removed mechanically only.


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