Universal Flooring

Our system for the indoor flooring covering materials e.g. PVC, carpets, linoleum

Indoor flooring has a very wide range of floor covering materials - e.g.: PVC composite, carpets, linoleum, etc. Such applications require good surface preparation and special adhesives for the installation of the floor covering material. Universal Flooring system is a comprehensive composite of primer, floor leveling compound and adhesive, suitable for the majority of the indoor floor covering materials.

A Step-by-step Guide

What you will need

Ceresit R 777, Ceresit CN 69, Ceresit UK 400

Step 1: Surface Preparation

1.The surface should be free of any cement laitance, oil, grease, curing compound and any other deleterious materials.

2.Light mechanical scrabbling, grit/captive blasting or grinding is recommended for cleaning the surface of such contaminants.

3.New concrete surfaces must be 28 days old and the moisture content on the surface should be less than 5%.

4.Ceresit CN 69 adheres to all solid, load bearing, clean and dry concrete surfaces free of substances which can cause separation.

Step 2: Priming

1. Prime the surface with Ceresit R 777 primer.

2. On screeds dilute Ceresit R 777 1:1 with water, on concrete floors use Ceresit R 777 undiluted.

3. Do not allow the primer to to form puddles.

4. Apply the primer with a lambskin roller.

5. A second coat may be necessary on porous, very absorbent substrates after drying

Step 3: Application

1. Pour 5.5-6.0 liters of clean water into a mixing bucket and slowly add full bag (23kg) Ceresit CN 69, to get a lump free, homogeneous mix.

2. Use appropriate mechanical stirrer (with suitable mixing paddle) at approx. 600 rpm for 3minutes.

3. Apply the levelling compound to the prepared, primed floor with either a flooring rake or smoothing trowel to the desired layer thickness.

4. Once the material is evenly spread, roll the surface with an appropriate spike roller to eliminate the entrapped air.

5. Protect the finished surface layer against too rapid drying (direct sunlight etc.).

6. The mixed quantity of Ceresit CN69 must be used within application time of approx. 20–25 minutes.

Step 4: Surface Preparation

The surface should be clean, free from structural defects, firm, dry and free of substances which may impair adhesion.

Step 5: Application

Application: PVC Flooring

1.Apply the adhesive with an A2 notched trowel, cover the applied area with flooring while the adhesive is still wet. After an open time of approx. 15 minutes (or do a finger test), place the flooring into the still wet adhesive.

2.Carefully avoid air pockets and rub the flooring down to ensure good adhesive transfer to the backing.

3.The flooring must be free of tension and lie flat on the substrate surface, otherwise weight it down.

4.Protect the flooring from direct sunlight and, particularly in the curing phase, from exposure to higher amounts of moisture (e. g. from a basic cleaning).

5.Do not seal or weld the seams earlier than 24 hours after installing the floor covering.


Application: Textile Flooring

1.Depending on the structure of the backing, apply the adhesive with a B1 or B2 notched trowel.

After an open time of 10 – 15 minutes, place the flooring into the still wet adhesive.

2.Take care to avoid air pockets and rub the flooring down well.

3.When laying materials under high tension, it is necessary to rub the seams and head ends down again after some time.


Application: Linoleum Flooring

1.For linoleum sheet or tile, apply the adhesive with a B1 notched trowel.

2.Allow an open time of approximately 5 minutes, lay linoleum in the adhesive bed, rolling back the heads to dissipate tension in the covering, and immediately rub down or roll.

3.Ensure the backing of the covering is well wetted.

4.If necessary, drive out any trapped air bubbles to the sides.If needed, re-rub seams, heads and bight marks 5 – 20 minutes later.


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