Polydeck 1000

Our polyurethane-based flooring system, for abrasion protection of covered areas

Tough resistance is required for applications such as car park, industrial areas and sports facilities. Polydeck 1000 is a tough, durable polyurethane based coating, that provides a seamless, abrasion resistant flooring system for indoor and covered areas.

A Step-by-step Guide

What you will need

Polyprime PU, Polypur TC10

Step 1: Surface Preparation

1. The surface should be dry, free of any cement laitance, oil, grease, curing compound and any other deleterious materials. Light mechanical scrabbling, grit/captive blasting or grinding is recommended for cleaning the surface of such contaminants. New concrete surfaces must be 28 days old and the moisture content on the surface should be less than 5%.

2. Refurbishment of existing or old floors must be done with a suitable repair mortar, in order to ensure that the bond between the old substrate and the new flooring system is very good.

3. Surface irregularities and blow holes shall be repaired with POLYPOXY BF (Epoxy resin based blow hole filler and skimming mortar) or an epoxy resin based scratch coat when repairing larger areas (>0.5m).

4. The surface after carrying out the necessary cleaning shall be vacuumed for removing the dust debris left over after the cleaning process.

Step 2: Priming

1. Prime the prepared surface with Polyprime PU@4-5 m2/lt. and allow it to dry. Pour Part B into the Part A pail of the primer and mix thoroughly with a paddle mixer fitted to a slow speed drill.

2. Apply primer on the prepared surface with a brush, roller or squeegee @ 4-5 m²/lt.

Step 3: Application

Whilst the primer is still wet, broadcast Aggregate No. 3 on the primer whilst it is still wet @0.3 kg/m2. On ramp and turning areas, the aggregate shall be broadcasted @1.2-1.5 kg/m2. After the primer dries off brush away or vacuum out the excess aggregates.

Step 4: Application

1.Pour the entire contents of Part B of the Polypur TC 10 into the Part A pail and mix thoroughly with a paddle mixer fitted to a slow speed drill till a homogenous and uniform mix is achieved.

2. Apply Polypur TC 10 onto the surface with a squeegee @ 5 m2/L/coat to get a dry film thickness of 150 microns and finish the surface with a roller.

3. If required apply a second coat at the same coverage rate and only after the first coat has dried off completely (24 hours).

4. For heavy or vehicular traffic movement, the coating is to be cured for a minimum period of 7 days.

5.Clean all tools immediately after use with Polysolvent. Hardened materials can be removed mechanically only.


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