Joint seal coating


Multipurpose PU based highly elastomeric thixotropic seal coating. Designed especially for the splotching needs of Polyproof Xtreme and various others.


  • Cold applied 
  • No primer required 
  • Fast setting & Trowel Grade 
  • Versatile usage 
  • For horizontal and vertical applications 
  • Tough yet highly flexible 
  • Excellent adhesion to various substrates including metal 
  • Watertight seal

Documents and Downloads

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by step

CJ Seal application temperature shall be between 5°C and 50°C. Application procedures may slightly vary depending on site conditions. The general recommended guidelines for the application of the sealant coating, as follows.


The surface to receive the sealant shall be clean and free from sharp protrusions. Clean thorough of all contaminants like dust, traces of curing compound, oil and grease and where necessary a suitable wire brushing / mechanical means shall be involved. All surface imperfections, protrusions, structurally unsound and friable concrete shall be removed and repaired with a suitable Polycrete concrete repair mortar. 


CJ Seal is supplied in pre-weighed three-part packs, which only requires on site mixing. Mix Part A and Part B separately for a minute, if required, with a slow speed drill (300-400 rpm) fitted to a flat bladed paddle. Add component B to A and mix thoroughly for 1-2 minutes. Add slowly Component C into the mixture and further mix for another for 2-3 minutes, till a uniform and homogenous consistency is achieved. The mixed product is suitable for application in horizontal areas and can be applied at thickness of up to 10 mm in vertical areas, with multiple layers possibility. Please follow the method statement for detailed application instructions.

Note: All parts are pre-weighed and hence, no part mixing shall be practiced.


Remove all excess sealant with a scrapper. Any spillage can be cleaned using Polysolvent. Clean all tools and equipment using similar solvent immediately after the tooling. Hardened materials can only be removed by mechanical means.