Two component, solvent free and flexible injection resin on polyurethane base


Polyinject PU is a two-component, solvent free and flexible injection resin on polyurethane base. Due to its low viscosity it is best suited for sealing cracks between 0.1 and 10mm and minor cavities to form a flexible and impermeable barrier in dry and damp conditions. As Polyinject PU hardens through reaction of the a and b-component, as well as through reaction with water in the injection area is it best suited to seal moving and nonmoving cracks in concrete structures such as water tanks, slabs, rafts, walls, columns, beams, etc.


  • 2-component and solvent free
  • Withstands high hydrostatic pressure
  • Good adhesion to dry and moist substrates
  • Cures to form a permanent, flexible and impermeable seal
  • Hardens through reaction of both components as well as with water
  • Can be used for injection hose applications
  • No foam formation

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by Step

Surface preparation

The surface must be stable and free of separating substances. Insufficiently firm layers and concrete slurry must be removed. for this purpose the surface may be prepared by suitable mechanical processes such as e.g. shot blasting, milling or any other suitable mechanical means. Blow the cracks and treated surface with oil free air to ensure complete removal of all dust and loose particles. In the presence of running water the flow must be stopped using Polyinject Stop which produces a rapid setting water-stopping foam. when the water is stopped the cracks are re-injected with Polyinject PU.

Work preparation

Polyinject PU is applied as injection resin with using injection packers and 1-or 2-c pumps. The injection packers may be fixed into holes drilled directly into the crack or drilled diagonally from concrete adjacent to the crack or by fixing of injection nipples. For further assistance and instructions regarding the packer fixing and design please refer to our method Statement.


Pour the hardener (component b) into the resin (component a) in the indicated mixing ratio and mix with an electrical mixer (max. 300 rpm) until a homogenous mixture is produced. assure that the b component is evenly dispersed. Only mix sufficient resin that can be used within the pot life of the material.


Polyinject PU can be injected with using 1-component or 2-component injection pumps. the injection pressure should be at least 4 bar. After the work is finished the injection system shall be allowed to cure for 24 hours and shall be left undisturbed for this time.