Flexible, waterproofing and protective slurry mortar


Polyflex T is a superior grade, two - component, polymer modified cementitious waterproofing and protective slurry mortar for concrete. It is durable, flexible and has a good resistance to tolerate fine cracks. It is also suitable in both interior and exterior applications.


  • Good adhesion to sound prepared substrates 
  • Good abrasion resistance 
  • Easy and fast mixing and application 
  • Can be mixed to slurry or trowelable consistency 
  • Non – toxic, therefore suitable for use in potable water applications 
  • Improves the concrete/masonry appearance 
  • Excellent freeze/thaw resistance 
  • Good protection against water penetration yet allows the substrate to breathe 
  • Good protection by forming an anti-carbonation film. ( 2 mm coating gives an anti-carbonation cover equivalent to 6 inches of concrete)

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by step


All the substrates must be dry and free of dust, dirt, moss, oil, grease and loose particles. All surfaces must be as true and flat as possible. This can be achieved by wire brushing or grit blasting. Unsound surfaces are to be removed and repaired with a suitable repair mortar. There shall be no standing water at the time of application. It is necessary to stop water ingress prior to application of Polyflex T.


Polyflex T is supplied in two pre-measured parts which just requires on site mixing. Do not mix more material than that can be used within the pot life. Part mixing can be carried out by mixing 4 volumes of powder with 1 volume of liquid for Slurry consistency and 4.5 volumes of powder and 1 volume of liquid for a Trowelable consistency. Pour the liquid into a suitable container and slowly add the powder to the liquid. Mix the contents using a slow speed drill (300-400rpm) fitted to a proprietary paddle mixer till a homogeneous, lump free and creamy consistency is achieved. Do not add water to dilute the material.


Polyflex T can be applied using trowel, notch trowel and spray equipment. Work the material well into the prepared substrate, filling all pores and voids.


Apply the first coat of Polyflex T with horizontal brush strokes and leave to harden (4 – 8hours). Apply the second coat with vertical brush strokes.


Apply the first coat of Polyflex T using a notched trowel and leave to harden (4-8 hours). Apply a second coat with a flat trowel.


Use a hopper gun spray equipment, textured sprayer (e.g. Texspray E110c), or a rotor/stator pump equipment. Allow the first coat to harden (4-8 hours) prior to applying the second coat.

As soon as the mortar layer starts to set, a uniform surface texture can be obtained by rubbing the surface with a fine sponge or plastic trowel. Do not overwork Polyflex T during finishing and avoid using additional water.

[Where required, a third layer of Polyflex T may be applied no later than 24 hrs after the second coat (in this case, no need to trowel or sponge finish the second coat). If intercoat period exceeds 24 hours, light grit blasting is required prior to further application.]


As with all cement based products, curing is important. Protect newly applied product against direct sunlight, wind, rain and frost. Allow a minimum 48 hours of air curing.