SBS modified bituminous waterproofing membrane


Bituplus ULTRA E5180 is an elastomeric high performance bitumen based torch applied waterproofing membrane. The Bituplus ULTRA range of waterproofing membranes has been developed with special selected components and advanced technologies, in order to offer premium quality and superior features and performance, even under extreme conditions. The right blend of the high quality bitumen and polymers, coupled with various reinforcements, provides excellent resistance to high hydrostatic pressure and better flexibility, strength and heat resistance. In order to offer a superior sealing of the overlap joints, the polyester used as the carrier is positioned in a carefully chosen position, while the innovative enhanced thermofusible film applied on the membrane has clear demarcation lines for proper alignment of the membranes with the recommended overlap area. With the state-of-the art homogenizing facility, the bitumen compound is enriched on its cohesive links at microscopic level. This simply means a high level close-knit interlocking between cells and uniform distribution of polymers that result in excellent adhesion of the molten bitumen compound during application, even on vertical surfaces.



  • Polymer rich compound. Easy and strong seal on overlaps.
  • High flexibility even in low temperature. Easy application on corner details.
  • High resistance against hydrostatic pressure. Suitable for deep basement applications.
  • Good dimensional stability under tension.
  • Excellent adhesion on vertical surfaces. Can be left with protection board for up to 4 weeks before backfilling.
  • User friendly printed films with stick timer aids easy and correct application.
  • High mechanical strengths and fatigue resistance properties.

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by Step

Substrate preparation

The surface shall be cleaned thoroughly of all contaminants like dust, traces of curing compound, oil and grease. All surface imperfections, protrusions, structurally unsound and friable concrete must be removed and repaired.


Apply Polyprime SB* (Solvent based primer) @ 4- 6 m²/L to a clean smooth and dry surface by brush, roller or spray. Allow the primer to dry prior to the application of the membrane. As the viscosity of the primer is low, it easily penetrates into the concrete pores which promotes the adhesion between the membrane and the concrete surface. In addition to that the primer also acts as a binder for the dust which gets accumulated on the concrete surface even after cleaning.


Start the installation of all membrane plies from the low point or drains, so the flow of water is over or parallel to the plies, but never against the lap. All overlaps at the membrane seams shall be installed so as to have «up» slope laps over «down» slope lap. Begin membrane application by unrolling the roll of Bituplus ULTRA P5180 membrane and aligning the side laps. Side overlaps should be a minimum of 100 mm and the end overlap 150mm.


Bituplus ULTRA P5180 membranes are installed by using a cylinder fed propane gas torch. Use of hand-held roofing torch is recommended as it affords a good control. Begin torching the embossed polyethylene side of the rolled portion of the membrane. As the membrane is heated the embossing starts to melt away exposing a shiny bitumen surface. Roll forward the me mbrane and press firmly with the boot or roller against the substrate to bond well. The propane flame should be moved from side to side and up the lap edge while the membrane is slowly unrolled and adhered to the surface.

CAUTION: do not over torch the membrane as this will expose the reinforcement and cause damage to it.