Fibre reinforced solvented bitumen paint


Bitutex FBR is a fibre reinforced solvented bitumen based thixotropic coating used for protection of concrete structures. On curing the coating forms a tough barrier to water and vapor. The system complies with the requirements of BS 8102:1990.


  • Cold applied, easy to apply
  • Single Component
  • Asbestos free
  • Seamless / joint free
  • Excellent resistance to attack from aggressive salts present in underground water, chlorides and sulphate ions
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates, like concrete, metal, wood, cork etc
  • Conforms to: BS 3416, Type 2, Class C

This TDS is applicable for the United Arab Emirates only. Please contact your local Polybit sales office for the available TDS in your region

Step by Step

Substrate Preparation

The surface shall be cleaned thoroughly of all contaminants like dust, traces of curing compound, oil and grease. All surface imperfections, protrusions, structurally unsound and friable concrete must be removed and repaired.


Foundation application

Mix the contents of the drum thoroughly prior to application so that the fibres are uniformly distributed. Bitutex FBR can be applied by a brush or trowel as evenly as possible. The coating shall be applied @2 m2/L/coat which will give a dry film thickness of 250 microns per coat. For higher thicknesses additional coats shall be applied at the given coverage rate and only after the previous coat has dried completely.

Roofing Application

Use a reinforcing scrim at up stands and around pipe works. The scrim shall be embedded into the coating followed by another coat on top of it. 


Bitutex FBR coating should be protected from getting damaged due to the ongoing site activities and during backfilling. Coating laid on horizontal surfaces can be protected either by a cement sand screed (50mm thick) or by a fibre impreganted asphaltic protection board (Bituboard). On vertical surfaces the coating shall be protected with Bituboard. The board can be fixed on the membrane by a double sided bitumen adhesive tape (Watertite TS 15).