Management Policy: Henkel Adhesives and Technology

Global Safety, Health, Environment, Hygiene, Energy and Quality

Henkel is a leader in adhesives, sealants and surface treatments. We strive to meet or exceed customer expectations, while remaining a socially responsible company and constantly improving ourselves in the fields of quality, safety, health, environmental protection, hygiene and energy efficiency. Henkel employees share the vision and values of the company, which are the basis of our actions. Achieving goals and objectives based on this policy is an indicator of our success.

We are responsible to:

● Our customers: Our products and our brands are the best choice for our customers, providing the most profitable solutions. We guarantee that all our products and services meet legal standards and always meet or exceed our customers' expectations. We meet the ever-changing demands of our customers through cutting-edge innovation. We are constantly improving quality and hygiene, giving priority to input process parameters, rather than reactive corrective measures.

● Our employees: Our employees are our most important advantage. We value them for their achievements and take care of their safety. We are committed to compliance with labor and health laws. We are constantly improving our performance by enhancing the ability of our employees to advise and participate in the recognition, analysis and management of hazards, eliminating hazards in the workplace and the risks associated with them.

● Environment: We are committed to environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. We develop, manufacture and distribute our products, guided by legal norms and principles of environmental responsibility, allocating resources for the effective management of environmental protection and energy conservation programs. We are constantly improving our processes and management systems through the development, monitoring and work to achieve goals aimed at reducing the burden on the environment and preventing its pollution, rational use of natural resources, reducing energy consumption and costs, and creating a culture of awareness in the field of environment and energy and their conservation.

● Society: We carry out our activities around the world on the principles of ethics, social responsibility and sustainable development. We comply with legal requirements and social standards in each country in which we operate.

● Shareholders: We are responsible for the exchange value of shares and financial stability. We strive for a balance between economy, ecology and social responsibility. Thus, we ensure the long-term success of the company and profit for our shareholders.