Watertite Xtreme

The Ultimate Waterproofing Protection

The Ultimate Waterproofing Protection For Deep Foundations

As market leader in waterproofing products in the GCC region, Henkel is very proud to launch Watertite Xtreme System, the ultimate waterproofing protection for deep foundations of up to 20m and high water table, under the most reliable warranty in the region of up to 25 years. The core of this system is a comprehensive single laid waterproofing membrane using HDPE cross lamination and stick to concrete technology. The highly flexible polymer modified bitumen is laminated with HDPE cross laminated film and tough polypropylene fleece, ensuring superior mechanical properties and enabling the system to be fully bonded with freshly poured concrete, becoming an integral part of the structure, regardless the structural movements. Watertite Xtreme System is ensuring fast and easy application, providing a unique advantage both cost and time wise, while ensuring higher safety on project sites and zero emissions, as no torch is needed. This new technology is fully compliant to the latest green building standards and has lower CO2 footprint as it is a product being produced in UAE with minimum transportation to the project sites.

As such, from a consultant perspective, there is strong evidence of the superiority of this system. Due the extreme easiness and fast speed of application, Watertite Xtreme is also expected to become the most trusted and preferred system for contractors and applicators. Apart from minimizing application costs and time, the system will require less expertise of the application workforce. Given the local production in the UAE, as well as the dedicated local supply chain team of Henkel, short lead times and construction continuity are ensured. Moreover, based on Henkel Polybit’s extensive know how in waterproofing technologies for the last 25 years in the GCC region, all waterproofing systems are supported by experienced technical experts.

These experts advise Consultants and Engineers on specifications and design to ensure full alignment with the building requirements, as well as Contractors and Applicators during the project application.

In case of any request for technical support or system presentation, feel free to contact directly our technical team at henkelpolybit@henkel.com. Looking forward to supporting you in your upcoming projects!


  • Stick to concrete technology
  • Independent of structural movement, becoming integral part of the structure
  • Fast, easy and safe application being compared with the traditional two Torch On Membrane layers foundation waterproofing systems
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength
  • Environmentally friendly with minimum CO2 footprint, being produced in UAE and no need for torch
  • The Ultimate Waterproofing System for deep foundations with up to 25 years of warranty


  • Deep Foundations of up to 20m depth of excavation
  • High water table
  • High risen residential or commercial buildings with deep excavation
  • Buildings close to the sea and areas with high hydrostatic pressure