Polycrete Xpress:

Your quick, strong and multi-purpose cementitious mortar

In a fast-paced construction market, renovation is a strong trend in construction industry, where hotels, housing and retail projects are required to be renovated and repaired in frequently basis, along with the enhancement of the surrounded environment, improving people quality of life. In all these cases, it is important to select repair/ renovation materials that will perform as per the technical requirements, but moreover within few minutes, acknowledging the challenge of short renovation time that may applicators be facing.

In Henkel Polybit, we develop our solutions and innovations taking seriously into account the market and applicators needs. Responding to the needs of such fast-paced renovation trend, we introduce Polycrete XPRESS, a fast-setting cementitious mortar that is suitable for multiple applications, perfectly fitting the high standards of the renovation market.

Polycrete XPRESS ensures a fast and easy application, as it sets in as early as 5 minutes, presenting high mechanical properties, such as building up early strength and ensuring high final compressive strength.

Taking into consideration the tight deadlines that applicators are always facing, combined with strict project completion terms, Polycrete XPRESS meets all the requirements to become the applicators preferred and trustable choice when selecting a fast-setting mortar repair material, saving them time and therefore costs, for multiple applications.

Key advantages

  • Fast-setting: as early as 5 minutes
  • Multi-purpose applications
  • Strong: early strength built up and final high strength achieved (>50 N/mm2)
  • For filling cavities and cracks, depth up to 50 mm
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Prevents the corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete

Examples of application areas:

Anchoring on vertical surface

Bench installation

Concrete curb repair

Installation of electric devices

Hydraulic pipes installation

Installation of stair railings

Concrete stairs reconstruction