Bituplus ULTRA

New Generation of Waterproofing

  • Superior sealing of overlaps joints
  • Resistance to high hydrostatic pressure
  • Better flexibility and strength
  • Excellent adhesion on vertical surfaces

The Bituplus ULTRA range of waterproofing membranes has been developed with special selected components and advanced technologies, in order to offer premium quality and superior features and performance, even under extreme conditions.

The right blend of the high quality bitumen and polymers, coupled with various reinforcements, provides excellent resistance to high hydrostatic pressure and better flexibility, strength and heat resistance.

Key benefits of Bituplus ULTRA range

  • Secured overlap joints sealing
  • Resistance to high hydrostatic pressure
  • Superior vertical adhesion
  • High strength and flexibility
  • Easiness of application
  • Excellent resistance to tearing and puncturing

Fields of application

Bituplus ULTRA products are bituminous waterproofing membranes designed to provide high resistance to the penetration of water in extreme conditions – corrosive environments, high humidity and high temperature.

Building structures:

  • Basements
  • Pile heads
  • Concrete foundations
  • Footings
  • Wet areas


  • Bridge piers & viaducts
  • Underpasses
  • Box culverts
  • Retaining walls
  • Manholes

Wet areas:

  • Swimming pools
  • Water reservoirs
  • Holding tanks

Roofs & terraces:

  • Inverted roofs & parapets
  • Podiums
  • Terraces & Balconies
  • Sunken slabs

Innovative approach for safety and ease of use

Henkel Polybit has taken an innovative approach in communication for safety and easy use of its products. The Bituplus ULTRA range of torch applied bitumen waterproofing membranes are now manufactured with an enhanced thermofusible film having clear visual features which aids the application of the membrane without any errors.

Sticking time

With the revolutionary “Stick Timer” feature embossed on the film, it will clearly define the time to the applicator to stick the membrane on the substrate. No more risk of under or over torching!

Overlap area

A clear demarcation line leads where is proper alignment of the membrane with the recommended overlap area. This featureensures the correct sealing of overlaps together with elimination of wastage.

Case study 1

Waterproofing failure


Correct overlapping is crucial element of waterproofing, because weak overlaps are the point of water penetration which causes membrane failure.

The recommended overlapping is 100mm on the side laps and 150mm at the end overlaps. Overlaping above this width will lead to waste of material. With Henkel Polybit’s torch on membranes, the top film is marked with overlap width which gives the applicator the opportunity to create precise work results with easy alignment and less waste.

Case study 2

Damage of reinforcement


The damage of the embedded reinforcement is caused by over or under torching and leads to poor adhesion of the membrane with the substrate and on the overlap area.

This is why application of torch on membranes require certain skills and experience. With Henkel Polybit’s torch on membranes, the top film is marked with embossment that acts as an indicator when to stick the membrane thereby eliminating over torching and under torching.